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Outdoor Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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AC Maintenance Services
The best time to perform AC or HVAC maintenance is before you actually ought to use it! By maintaining your unit before the time period of summer, you’ll make certain your AC can work a lot ofexpeditiouslyonce it must. this may prevent cash and keep your home cool.

We urge you to perform some routine maintenance on your cooling system within the middle to late spring. That way, you’ll indurate summer consequently and decision knowledgeable if required.

Since elements of your air-con unit square measure each outside and within your home, you ought to dedicate time to each sections.

Outdoor Air Conditioning Maintenance:
Your condenser unit might seem discouraging, however keeping this part clean and running with efficiency is pretty undemanding.

Power off the unit. The safest and most accountable thanks to perform AC maintenance on your unit is to power it off before you start. By setting apart the facility offer, you’ll guarantee a deep clean and limit the danger of injury.

Clear scrap. The less that would probably enter and clog the unit the higher. Removing the cap and taking a storeholiday to the within of the condenser may be a good way to clear all the leaves, tree branches, gravel, and matterwhich will be build up in your unit.

Clean the fins. The fins square measure the tiny metal prongs that defend the condenser coil. many householdersexpertise clogged fins on their air conditioners. you’ll use a hose (on a coffee setting) to get rid of any unwanted buildup on the skin of your fins. If doable, it’s best to get rid of the lid of the condenser and spray from the withinout.

Fix the fins. These delicate metal items square measure liable to being bent. to confirm they’re operating properly, you’ll use a table knife and (carefully) straighten the fins on the condenser unit. you may additionally purchase a fin comb, that may be a tiny tool which will drag and straighten several fins at only once.

Check insulation on fluid pipes. the road that transfers the refrigerant through your air-con system ought to be coated by a layer of thick insulation. generally sun exposure will destroy these protecting linings. Check on this insulation often, because it keeps the refrigerant cold and protects something from happening to the pipe.


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