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How to Figure out What Size Air Conditioner Will Cool a Room

How-to-Figure-out-What-Size-Air-Conditioner-Will-Cool-a-Room, acservicebd, acservicebd.com, ac, air conditioner

Today I am going to talk to you about the best way to figure out what size air conditioner you need for your room.

When figuring out what size air conditioner you need you have to figure out how many BTUs you need.

Now there’s a simple formula to do just that,

First thing you need to do is get the square footage of your room. So we will say this room is 150 square feet so with 150 square foot room we will take it and multiple it by 30 so that would equal 4500. Now we are going to take and add 2000 to that so we’ll put two thousand and add them together which give us 6500 BTUs needed for this room you can do this with any size room just take the size of the room multiply it by 30 and then add 2000.

If you are installing this air conditioner into a kitchen, you want to add about 4 thousand BTUs to compensate for the extra heat caused by the over.

Therefore, to recap we will take the square feet of the room multiply that by 30 and then add 2000 to it and that will give us our needed BTUs.

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